Smart Contracts

We offer ERC-721 and ERC-1155 smart contract creation. Worked on DeadHeads, Ethereans and Apymon 2.0

Web3 Development

We offer Web3 minting pages and other related Web3 development.

Generative Images

We can create your 10k collection from your base images.

Metadata Creation

Creation and collection metadata.

IPFS Management

Need your images or metadata uploaded to IPFS?

Polygon Drops

We have Polygon drop technology that can easily airdrop 1000 NFTs to your holders.


We can help anyone build a permanent or temporary presence in:

Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, Somnium Space VR and the Sandbox Game.

Few Examples:

Artist that wants to build a gallery to promote their art.

Art Collector that wants to build a gallery to display their collection.

Investors that wants to build a metaverse land portfolio.

Company that wants to promote their brand in the metaverse.

Buying Land

We offer all the services needed to acquire land in the metaverse.

Renting Land

Not sure about buying, but want to rent. We can help with our network of land owners.

Building Services

Need an architect or game developer to build your experience in the metaverse. We know the best.


Do you want to sell a line of wearables on your land? We can help create an amazing NFT clothing line.

Marketing Services

Once you experience is built we can help market it to the world.

Event Planning

Want to hold an event at on your land? We can plan it, get the word out and find you a live DJ.