Making the Metaverse Awesome

Chaos Metaverse is a full-service crypto metaverse company. We are comprised of two divisions NFT/Metaverse Services and NFT Studio. We started out as a services company and quickly realized the value of the IP in our portfolio. We see NFTs as a major source of IP in the future of media.


  • Smart Contract Development

  • Web3 Integration

  • Generative Image Creation

  • Metadata Creation

  • IPFS management

  • Polygon/Matic Drop Services


  • For Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, Somnium Space VR, Substrata and the Sandbox Game

  • Buying and Leasing Land

  • Building Services

  • Wearable Creation

  • 3D Avatar Creation


This division is building an NFT IP portfolio that will be used to create amazing content for our Studio.

NFT/IP Portfolio:

  • Building a Portfolio of NFT Intellectual Property

  • Over 400 NFTs in Portfolio

  • Building a Portfolio of Metaverse Land NFTs

  • Over 60 Land Properties in Portfolio


  • Creation of Media using our NFT Portfolio IP

  • Comics, Animation, Derivative NFT Collections

  • Licensing of Portfolio

  • Creation of New NFT Collections